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About Lori

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Lori is an award winning, credentialed interior designer with 30 years experience. She works with individuals who are looking for a functional and beautiful space that is safe for all members of the family.

She is a Certified Living in Place Professional and creates spaces that are safe for seniors as well as toddlers.

She enjoys solving design problems, providing solutions, direction and adding her creative eye to each project.

Professionals in her field say that Lori is skillful in all her dealings, handles problems without drama, mentors other designers and is absolutely a pleasure to do business with.


Lori is a certified interior designer which means she has reached the highest level of qualification as a professional. (National Council of Interior Design Qualification exam) She has been a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers since 1995. Both assure you that she is committed to professional growth so she can provide the best results and services for your home.

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