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Improving Air Quality in Your Home With Easy To Grow Plants

In today’s well sealed homes, during the winter we can have poor air quality from indoor toxins such as paint, upholstery, glues, and formaldehyde.

NASA tested the ability of houseplants to reduce indoor pollutants.

Lucky for us, some of the most efficient air cleaners are plants that

are easy to take care of.

Peace Lily

These make excellent houseplants and are easy to care for. Indoor varieties do well in low-light conditions. They don’t need much water, if the soil remains damp, you doesn’t need to add water.

Air Plants

Air plants are extremely easy to grow and can be fun to decorate with. They can be placed in hanging glass balls, hanging open metal frames, or sea shells, you are limited only by your imagination. They need indirect sunlight, watered once a week and air circulation, so open terrariums only. I left mine in the sunroom during sub-zero temperatures and it survived beautifully.

Golden Pothos

This common house plant is easy to find. They look very similar to a

Philodendron. They do well in any type of light and can be grown in dry soil or vases of water. If you have a cat or dog that will chew on the leaves, avoid this one.

Snake Plant

If you don’t like to care for plants, this may be the plant for you! Its difficult to kill this plant. It like to be potbound and doesn't need much water. It stands upright and doesn't take much space.


Although they are in vogue, succulents don’t make the best indoor plants. They require 6 hours of sun per day. If you want to grow a succulent, make sure it is one that prefers low light.

English Ivy

English Ivy is easily used inside a lantern or glassware, on a table or fireplace mantle where the greenery can cascade. The stems can grow quite long but are easily controlled with pruning. If you don't have a green thumb this is one of the few plants that look good in artificial form.

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