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Tips For A Romantic Bedroom

To create a sexy bedroom like the one seen below, you need to include

all the five senses.

Let's start with sight. What color should you use? Go with your favorite color, because a bedroom should have the things you love. Just make sure that the color is soft and not bright. For example, if you like blue you would go with a pale blue or deep navy.

Keep the fabrics simple, bedrooms get cluttered easily without adding more visual clutter to the space. How do you make a bedroom look great without pattern? That question brings us to touch. Use fabrics like velvet or silk or think solid fabrics with texture. You can add trims to create a visual and tactile experience that isn’t overwhelming.

A relaxing room wouldn’t feel right without soft music, or maybe the sounds of the ocean.

Add a bouquet of fresh flowers for a fresh natural scent or try a reed diffuser with your favorite oil. Candles are always nice, but use the LED candles with timers, they are safer if you fall to sleep.

Last, but not least is taste. Only you know what your favorite snacks are, but I can help you with where to put the wine or how to store it. I like to add a small refrigerator and beverage bar to the master suite. It’s always nice to wake to the smell of a fresh cup of coffee.

If you would like us to help you create a sumptuous master suite,

click here to contact us.

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