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Before & After Master Bedroom


Client Goals:

They wanted us to create a master-bath and a master-bedroom with a classical elegance that coordinated and increased their current storage. We will show you the master bath in another issue.

Design Style:

They like neutrals, clean lines and have a desire for everything to function and have purpose.


Our design inspiration was a photo she found of a very large elegant room with cathedral ceilings and a fifteen foot arched, built-in upholstered headboard.

Creating the design:

I drew elevation of an arched upholstered headboard to the scale of the bedroom. Knowing how much they admire function, I added to their vision by drawing a custom arch into the elevation. This added the much needed visual depth to the room.


Dimmable Lighting for mood and reading were also added with the switching in the column on each side of the bed.

To create your master suite contact us today!

We added custom touches to the semi-custom night stands and bookshelves that gave the appearance of a totally custom built-in. The amount of arch on the headboard and the custom built arch are purposely the same.

Knowing that she likes clean lines I gave them lighting so that lamps wouldn’t be needed and the nightstands would have more useable space


To create some drama we added dimmable LED lighting to the shelves.

General dimmable overhead lighting was added for our final layer of lighting. I selected fabrics for the bedding for her to use as a guide. She enjoys shopping and preferred to shop for her bedding. She adores pillows and had a lot of fun making her selections.

To begin your master suite contact us today!

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