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Can You Find the Unique Feature in this Master Bath?


The layering of light creates a fabulous ensuite that makes daily grooming a pleasure.


This bathroom needed

- to be visibly widened

- a lighting solution

- an update.


Safety is an important factor in this remodel. The floor is nonslip and the outlets are GFCI. Notice there is no chandelier over the tub? Although it would look beautiful, never place a hanging light over the tub area. If you find yourself slipping, what is the first thing you are going to grab for?

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A Dramatic Feature

Have you found the unique feature yet?

It’s the dramatic ceiling to tub bath tub filler. It’s an elegant and unique way to fill a tub that you rarely see in a home. After all, don’t you deserve something special after a long day at the office?

This water stream drops almost eight feet. The stream of water coming from the valve needs to have the correct speed and air to water ratio to twirl the stream of water to fall eight feet and not splash the walls. Not every contractor has the skill to install one.

We Visually Widened The Space

One of the many ways I visually widened this room was to remove the small wall at the end of the vanity. This allowed continuation of space and the light from the window to shine in all of the room instead of a small area in the back.


A free standing tub was added to the design to allow the eye to see the floor around the tub instead of stopping at the front of it. These are just two of the several ways we have visually widened this room.

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The Lighting Solution

The lighting in this remodel is layered. A ceiling fixture on a dimmer for ambient light that adds a soft glow around the room. Sconces (not installed at the time of photo) were added through the mirror at face level for casting even light across the face.

Can lighting above for illuminating the sink area. Secondary task lighting is in the shower.

It’s important that the bulb you use has the correct temperature of light so your face doesn’t look gray or yellow. Halogen bulbs have a great color

temperature but I find they give off too much heat in the bathroom. I like to use LED bulbs in the bath due to the variety of light color you can find now, the low amount of heat they give off and the longevity and energy savings they provide.

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