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How To Make Your Room Look Larger and Brighter

Helpful hints when using mirrors to enlarge and brighten a space.

  • Hang a mirror directly across from a window. The light will reflect back into the room. The ever changing view of nature will be seen in your room. Wouldn't you rather look at a tree than drywall?

  • Try using multiple mirrors. This room of mirrors give the illusion of windows.

  • By hanging a large mirror In a bath or shallow room you add depth and height.

  • Don't hang a mirror too high in a living/family/dining room. When a mirror is hung to high, such as over a fireplace mantle, the mirror will reflect the ceiling. After all, who wants to look a ceiling fan or white drywall. Mirrors in these areas are best hung at eye level. Think about what the mirror will be reflecting as much as the placement on the wall. Try hanging a mirror across from your favorite piece of art instead.

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