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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior design is an informed decision to save time, money and avoid problems. If you have budget and time constraints, hiring a designer is the logical way to complete a remodeling project while staying within your limits.

1. Project Sanity

An experienced designer will coordinate with the contractor, craftspeople, painters, installers, furniture deliveries to ensure that the information is correct between all the sources. We see and notice things that you may not, preventing mistakes. If we do experience a problem with a product or service, I take care of it for you.

...When the furniture was delivered she was there and when an issue came up with one of the pieces, she took care of everything and the problem was solved. She was easy to work with, very professional and dependable.

2. Professional Budget Advice

One of the first things an experienced designer does after being hired is to listen to you, understand your needs, goals and timeline. Then work with you to develop a budget and plan based on your unique situation. With a designer you will have a better idea of how long the project will take, the cost involved and other hidden but important considerations. This will help you prioritize and defend against the project getting out of hand.

3. Professional Space Plan & Selection Advice

You may think you don't need help or worry that you will lose control over your project by hiring a designer. A designer can help you work through your ideas for the space and help you to think of things you would never have considered on your own. Why learn from your mistakes when a good designer has already done this type of design work many times before.

I won't just tell you what you need, I'll draw the space plan options on the computer so you can see exactly what the possibilities are. Many times clients have commented that they would never have thought to move or change something in the space or how the space functioned.

I won't just tell you what you need, I'll select decorative items, such as furnishings, tile, bath fixtures for you to see that embody what you have told me your goals are.

4. Save Money and Increase the Value of Your Home

Many people think its better to do the design work themselves rather than pay to have an interior designer work for them. The design fee is easily offset by the money a good designer can save you. You will have a solid plan and plan of action prior to starting your project. A good designer will understand your budget and select quality product within your budget. We also ensure that things are completed correctly the first time, avoiding mistakes.

I recently visited a project site and found the tile was being installed in the wrong direction. This correction saved the homeowner project time as the tile installation was just beginning and wasn't grouted or set. If it hadn't been noticed, the tile would have needed to be pulled up, reordered and installed, if it was in stock.

Mistakes happen to the best of us, it's always good to have another professional set of eyes looking out for you.

5. Contacts and Resources

A designer knows where to go for everything related to your home. I have reliable contacts in construction, workrooms and procurement. They know the high standards that I expect, and I know that I can count on them to provide quality work in a timely manner. I also have great sources for plumbing fixtures, cabinets, furnishings, fabrics and other materials. I know the best products in the marketplace and who stands behind their warranty. This will save you endless time, researching contractors, products, which brand, prices and prevent the hassle and frustration of dealing with dishonest or low-quality subcontractors.

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