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What's New in Kitchen Design That Will Endure the Test of Time Part 1

1. Quartz

What is not to like about quartz! Its worry free and the cost is similar to granite. As a designer, I like it because what you see is what you get, there are no surprises. I also love the fact that it doesn't dominate the room the way granite does. With quartz you look at the whole room, not just the counter.

Cambria Clareanne

2. LED Lighting

LED lighting has came a long way in a short period of time. The color of the light is much warmer and not as harsh as in the past. The bulbs rarely need replaced and the size makes them very versatile. LED can be used in many innovative ways such as on the edge of shelving, perk up an island, highlight stairs for safety or brighten a workspace. We just used LED bulbs to brighten a powder room in an unusual way. After the room is photographed, I'll put it in a future e-zine for you to see.

3. Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is here to stay. Its fast, energy efficient, safe, good looking and easy to clean. We'll talk more about induction in another issue.

GE Induction Cooktop

4. White

White never goes out of style. You don't need to create a surgical suite to use it in a great way.

White is available in so many shades, I have a single paint deck devoted just to white. What I love about white is that it goes with contemporary, traditional and transitional styling, not to mention that it goes with every accent color. Yes, white cabinets will show splatters, but then it is easy to see them to wipe off instead of scrubbing later after it has dried.

5. Metal finishes

Kitchen metals come and go but when it comes to kitchens, nickel and chrome finishes endure the test of time.

Manufactures of furniture are starting to combine metals within a single piece. Its about time! As a designer, I mix woods, why not metals too.

Brizo Artesso Bar Faucet

6. Open Concept layouts

With lifestyles getting more causal I have more requests for a kitchen with a large dining area that seats 10-12. Many are eliminating the dining room for a more casual eating area. The eating area is used for every day and to entertain friends and family The dining rooms are being converted into offices and first floor bedrooms.

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