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New in Kitchen Design That Will Endure the Test of Time Part 2

1. Technology Appliances and plumbing fixtures continue to evolve in an effort to make your life a little easier.

First we had smart phones, now we have smart refrigerators that can create a grocery list so everyone can have what they need.Cook tops that show your schedule and the weather for the day.

2. Big Sinks

Clients are opting for the large or farmhouse sink. They are not only good looking but practical too. You can wash a large roasting pan or go with a two bowl option. With two bowls you can leave dishes as you cook while you wash vegetables in the other bowl.

3. Large Islands

Large islands continue to be a popular choice because they are so practical they double duty as a prep area for a second cook, an eating area, buffet, do I need to mention STORAGE!

4. Fewer Upper Cabinets

I love the look, but it's not for everyone.

If you are considering this look, think about what you are trying to accomplish. If you have a great view with lots of windows or like to easily find items without looking through cabinets this look might work for you. Let's talk before you make a decision!

5. Hardwood Floors

Wood floors have been used for years and that won't change anytime soon. Wood adapts to almost any style and works well to unite a floorplan. Don't count out other flooring materials though. Durable porcelain tile can have a wood look that is easier to maintain.

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